Fertility Results

It was a great relief to know I had you in my corner.

“Working with you, Sarah, was so empowering. It was a great relief to know I had you in my corner, helping me figure out how to support my fertility with minimal interventions.

I was able to make simple, achievable changes to my diet that I know helped us conceive and get through a healthy first trimester for the first time (after 2 early pregnancy losses), and also helped me feel the best I’ve felt in a long time.

I know when I conceived that I was the healthiest I’ve been since I can remember – I felt strong and energetic and balanced. And it felt good to do that for myself, as well as to support our dream of having a family.

Thank you for supporting our health – mine and my growing daughter’s :). I’m grateful to have learned tools from you that I know I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.”

— Mia N.

I have a beautiful 5 month old daughter now!!!

“I started working with Sarah after a couple of devastating pregnancy losses. She took time to get me on track with what I needed to be eating and focusing on, not only to improve my health, but to help me learn about foods that would ultimately support my fertility and growing baby.

It is amazing how I now view foods with her guidance and knowledge. I have a better understanding of fats, and the importance of them in our diets and how they work with the foods I was already eating (i.e. vegetables), as well as what she taught me about foods I had previously thought were off limits.

While Sarah is knowledgeable she also listens. She heard my story, she heard me. And I have a beautiful 5 month old daughter now!!! What I also appreciate so much was that while pregnant, with my crazy cravings, Sarah was understanding and accepting of everything. She acknowledged that “slip-ups” are what my body was needing at that time and she never made me feel guilty about the choices I made that were outside of what she and I had reviewed together. It is a beautiful balance that, for me, is necessary. Hey, we all like pizza from time to time!

Since having my baby I have been able to lose a lot of the baby weight because of how I eat and what I eat (one of the many benefits is that you can also lose weight while eating healthy). And that is thanks to Sarah.

I would recommend Sarah to a variety of types of people – those looking for fertility support, weight management, dietary knowledge … anyone. She is detailed, she is patient, she is a wonderful resource and she has a beautiful energy to her that would make anyone happy to work with her. She can truly change your life.”

— Ashley Wexler


I went into my 3rd retrieval armed with my new SJS protocol in place and we finally got 1 normal, good embryo! And now I’M PREGNANT!!

“When my sister connected me with Sarah, I was feeling very much at the end of my rope.  My husband and I had been through 2 IVF retrievals, neither of which had yielded any normal embryos. I was starting to lose all hope that a 3rd retrieval would turn out any different. Between the 2nd and 3rd, I switched doctors and started Skype sessions with Sarah. She made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my experience and was understanding and empathetic with lots of new suggestions. I would have tried almost anything!

Sarah made me aware of all the chemicals we surround ourselves with on a daily basis and how a few (or several!) simple swaps can dramatically cut down on all the bad stuff we’re ingesting. She had many new suggestions for diet, supplements and other lifestyle changes I had not heard of before. It’s a LOT to implement and you definitely have to find a balance that works for you, but applying those changes not only made me feel like I had more control but I also just felt better, physically and mentally.

I went into my 3rd retrieval armed with my new SJS protocol in place and we finally got 1 normal, good embryo! Sarah helped me so much through the transfer phase (something I had never been through) and gave me a lot of suggestions of things to do for optimal results.

The transfer was successful and I’m pregnant! All seems to be going well so far. I feel healthier and content knowing the changes I’ve made are going to make a difference now and in the future. I would definitely tell any friend experiencing infertility issues or even just on the path to start trying for a baby to consult with Sarah. It’s truly an extra boost I wish I’d known about before I started my journey (almost a year ago!).

I also appreciate that Sarah’s advice and suggestions only seemed to compliment my doctor’s protocol and never felt like it was contradictory or the opposite of what I was being told.”

– Lindsey Kaufman

After 2 months of working with Sarah, I got pregnant!

“I had a wonderful experience working with Sarah. She was professional, but personable. I felt comfortable sharing all kinds of personal details with her because she listened and analyzed without judgment. She was kind and nurturing, but didn’t sugar-coat the facts and held me accountable to make the changes if I wanted to see results. She whole-heartedly wants to help women with their health.

My husband and I were ready to start a family and the first step I had to take was to go off birth control and go off of an anti-anxiety/anti-depressant medication that I had been on for over 8 years. In the process of coming off both medications, I was struggling deeply with depression and anxiety. I was desperate for help and willing to try anything that might improve my ill mental state. I reached out to Sarah in hopes that she could help me balance the “brain chemicals” (aka hormones) and it was an added plus that she specialized in helping women get pregnant because ultimately, that was our goal.

Sarah didn’t give us a “one size fits all” program to follow. Rather, after conducting an entire intake of our lifestyle and goals, she created a completely personalized program for us. She recommended changes that were realistic and if something didn’t work for us, she gave us other options to try. She told us what was most important and gave us priorities, so we could focus on a few things at a time, instead of changing everything all at once. We made a lot of changes in the first month – we cut out certain foods, added certain foods, and started taking supplements. When we received the results of my blood and saliva tests, we made additional adjustments – adding more foods, taking away others, and incorporating a natural hormone serum to help balance my progesterone and estrogen levels.

In the first month of working with Sarah, I noticed my mood changed. Physically, I had less anxiety, pain and stress. After 2 months of working with Sarah, I got pregnant!

I am the type of person who goes “all in” when I put my mind to something. I wanted to follow the program perfectly and I would get frustrated if I wasn’t able to do 110% of Sarah’s recommendations. Sarah helped me to treat myself with love and patience in the journey. She assured me that little changes would make a big difference and not to stress when I couldn’t eat perfectly or if I forgot to take my supplements. My experience with changing my nutritional lifestyle taught me to be loving to myself and not stress over the imperfections. Whatever you can do is great and will make a difference! I not only learned what foods to increase and decrease for my hormone health, but I also learned WHY those changes were necessary and what the reasoning was behind them. I feel like Sarah explained the science behind her recommendations well, which made it more impactful when making new lifestyle choices every day.

I would absolutely recommend Sarah to any woman I know who struggles with hormone imbalances and doesn’t feel like they are functioning at their best! From my personal experience, any woman trying to get pregnant, and/or dealing with anxiety and depression will definitely benefit from working with Sarah.”

– Coco Mathis


I’m happy to say that this is my 3rd time going through IVF with a donor egg and I’m finally pregnant!

“I read tons of books on nutrition and fertility, and as helpful as they were, along with weekly acupuncture sessions, setting up 3 calls with Sarah was one of most helpful steps I took in overcoming infertility.

Working with Sarah is half therapy, half nutrition. There was so much I thought I knew, and so much I learned.

My case was a little different when it came to fertility. Since I was using donor eggs, I wasn’t looking to release quality eggs – I was looking to be able to keep the healthy embryos the doctors had put into my uterus. Endometriosis and not getting my uterine lining as thick as I needed it to be was really challenging. Also, taking all the hormones required to be able to do this treatment was super challenging on my emotional, physical and spiritual being.

Talking to Sarah helped ground me. She listened to everything I was doing and every other crazy idea I was thinking of trying. She not only helped me with food, but she also helped me find the right supplements to support my body.

Because of our conversations, I realized how important it was to go gluten-free, dairy-free, caffeine-free, and alcohol-free. She also helped me sleep, stop being an emotional roller coaster, and made me feel better overall.

And I’m happy to say that this is my 3rd time going through IVF with a donor egg and I’m finally pregnant. It’s still early on, but I feel I have a coach to support me through it.

She also recommended a local acupuncturist that I could see within 72 hours of my transfer. She recommended eating pineapple right around my transfer. She gave me tons of recipes, resources to improve my spiritual practice, etc. All my sessions with Sarah were on the phone and I was so glad to finally meet her at a 4-night female gathering. She was even more amazing in person.

She’s a natural cheerleader, passionate about helping one overcome fertility issues and extremely knowledgeable. My only mistake was taking a year to call her. ”

– Claudia Reyes

I have never had anyone try to get to the root of the problem like Sarah.

“Working with Sarah has been amazing! From the start she was very thorough and made sure she understood my entire background before moving forward. I have never had anyone try to get to the root of the problem like Sarah. Most doctors I’ve worked with have wanted to treat the symptoms with a band-aid. Sarah wants to heal your condition completely. After struggling with infertility for almost 2 years, I became pregnant within 2 months of working with her (naturally). Unfortunately, the first pregnancy ended in miscarriage (nothing to do with Sarah’s care). Lo and behold, I fell pregnant again within 2 months!

Sarah was able to get me off such a high dose of thyroid and prescription adrenal support. I am now on a very low dose of thyroid and all natural, clean supplements and herbs. I feel so much more freedom with my life now. I used to feel glued to my prescriptions and now I feel free to eat and live in  a healthy way. AND the best part is that my periods are now regular, my energy levels have majorly increased, my sleep has been better, and I’m PREGNANT!

I would recommend Sarah to ANYONE who feels like something might be off in their body or with their hormones. Between the low-quality foods, birth control, external chemicals we are around, etc., our hormonal balance is at risk. Sarah will help anyone get back on the right track!

Sarah is the most patient and attentive person! She has talked me off many ledges and offered me grace through the process. She is always very quick to respond and always understanding. Thank you, Sarah, for being awesome!”

— Carrie Stocks

Kyndal C.

Finding out this is one of my fertility problems, has helped me take more control of my fertility.

“I have learned a lot about myself in this journey and I have been able to address certain fertility issues after reviewing the lab tests.

For starters I have lost 20 pounds using these new eating habits.

Secondly, I discovered I have low progesterone with the lab results from the at-home hormone test, and also by testing at home with Proov test (great at-home strip test to confirm if you indeed ovulated by measuring your progesterone levels). Finding out this is one of my fertility problems, has helped me take more control of my fertility. I am now on progesterone, which will aid in conception.

I am pleased with all that I have learned and with my new eating lifestyle. Sarah is great with following up and checking in. As far as recipes, I have made keto almond bread, not on her recipes but I checked to make sure it was ok for this diet. I love bread and we can’t eat regular bread on this diet. I have also made keto almond chocolate chip cookies with all approved ingredients. I have bought cassava flour and coconut flour – all which I use in conjunction with coconut oil and avocado oils which are my best friends now! LOL I put it on everything! I eat clean as much as possible but I do allow myself to cheat on special holidays and occasions.

Can’t wait to make a baby announcement soon! 🥰”

– Jessie V.

There doesn’t seem to be ANYTHING she doesn’t know!

“Sarah is absolutely fabulous to work with. I recommend her to anyone who is thinking about starting a family and either is a planner like me and thinking ahead or who is having trouble getting pregnant and would like some insight into why. She helped me to get on a plan for eating to fit my body, recommended a couple tests to ensure I was all set and healthy for trying to get pregnant and followed up with a great plan for connecting again down the road when our session was complete.

From the first meeting, I felt like Sarah was able to gather a ton of information about me and I, too walked away with loads of notes. Her follow up was quick and thorough and she is genuinely caring. So glad I was able to work with her!

UPDATE: Big news! We’re pregnant our first month trying! I’m almost 6 weeks so still early, but we’re thrilled! Thanks for all your help!”

— Katie Schietinger


After following Sarah’s suggestions, I was pregnant in the blink of an eye.

“Sarah has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Not only has it been so easy to schedule phone calls, but it also has been extremely convenient speaking to her directly from home and via email.

For someone who is already educated on nutrition and my body, I gained so much knowledge that helped me achieve my 2nd pregnancy naturally. After breastfeeding my first child for a year, I really struggled to maintain a regular cycle and body weight I was comfortable at.

What I didn’t realize was the high quantity of essential fats like coconut oil, nuts and avocados my body was craving. These were all part of my diet prior, but I had no idea the quantity I needed to consume and the level of fat my body required to ovulate each month and maintain a healthy cycle.

I was also overexercising, as weight training DVDs had become an obsession during my son’s naptime. After adding a natural progesterone oil, balancing my macronutrients to 50% fat ratio and small tips like castor oil packs and exercising 4x a week as opposed to 6x, I was pregnant in the blink of an eye.

I was so hesitant to spend the money on a fertility nutritionist after reading countless books and eating clean for years, but I trusted my gut and knew I had to be missing something. I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking to get pregnant naturally, regulate their cycle or just understand more about nutrition and how it affects your body.

Her recipe book is also super helpful and full of delicious meal options as well as yummy treats to replace any cravings with healthy alternatives. I am so thankful I found her and will definitely continue to utilize her through my child bearing years and beyond!”

— Lauren Boiano

The nutrition work we did together was instrumental in helping me get pregnant after having fertility challenges.

“Sarah has been a huge help to me through the whole process of getting pregnant, being pregnant, nursing and taking care of a little one. I believe the nutrition work we did together was instrumental in helping me get pregnant after having fertility challenges. She helped me through my pregnancy and has been a great resource as I’m introducing my baby to solid foods. As a wonderful side benefit, I feel better and look better than ever with the nutritional changes I made through working with her!”

— Lisa Jasper


Without Sarah’s help, I would have never figured out the root cause of my infertility.

“It has been such a life changing experience working with Sarah. Without Sarah’s help, I would have never figured out the root cause of my infertility.

When I first started working with Sarah, I told her I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Right away, Sarah suggested for me to get my antibodies checked which came back that I have Hashimotos disease which is an autoimmune disease. Right away she suggested I should follow the autoimmune diet to help lower my antibody levels. She explained elevated antibody levels can greatly impact fertility.

I am now the healthiest I have ever been in my life. Although following the diet/new lifestyle is not easy, I have never felt better. I didn’t realize I had so many symptoms before starting this diet and now that those symptoms are gone I know it was not normal to feel that way (feeling bloated all the time, GI problems, high anxiety, fatigue, etc.)

I am now also very conscious of what I put on my body and products I use around my house. I have switched many of my lifestyle products over to natural products. I have learned a lot more now about how much these chemicals and toxins can affect your hormones which in turn can affect your fertility.

I continue to live a healthy lifestyle now after working with Sarah. My diet is not just a diet anymore, it is a lifestyle. I cook most of my meals with fresh, organic produce and grass-fed meats and everything is homemade when I cook at home. I use products on my skin that are healthier for me and since I loved the products so much and want others to learn about how important it is to use products that are safe for you, I now sell those products! This wouldn’t have happened without Sarah!

If anyone is dealing with any sort of infertility, I would definitely suggest they  see Sarah. If you aren’t trying to get pregnant but dealing with PCOS or Endometriosis, she is who you need to turn to for help. She is so knowledgeable about how food can affect your body and mind. On Facebook, I am in an infertility group and whenever someone tells their story and it sounds similar to mine (secondary infertility, hypothyroidism, failed IVF rounds) I tell them to look into seeing if they have Hashimotos. I hope that I can help others by spreading what I have learned from Sarah!

I would suggest working with Sarah even if you aren’t dealing with infertility and you just feel like something doesn’t feel right or looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Anyone can benefit from what Sarah has to share!

Although I am not pregnant yet, I do feel that the Hashimoto’s disease plays a huge factor into my infertility. Our bodies need time to heal and recover. I know this diet is helping my health longterm. So much of what we put into our body affects us (mentally and physically). Without Sarah’s help discovering this, I would not be at this point and can not thank her enough for what she has done for me.”

— Jenna Barrett

Sarah is not only incredibly professional and knowledgeable, but she is also sweet, caring and genuine.

“Struggling with infertility and going through the whole fertility process was one of the hardest, loneliest and most emotional experiences I have ever gone through in my life. The bedside manner of doctors and nurses became so important to me in my journey in order to keep my hope and courage. Fortunately, my husband and I were able to bring a wonderful little boy into the world, and it has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Now that we are trying for baby #2, we have decided to pursue things naturally. A lot of my previous emotions, feelings and worries are still present, and that’s what has made working with Sarah such a positive experience. It really counts when you feel that someone truly cares about you and your well being.

Sarah is not only incredibly professional and knowledgeable, but she is also sweet, caring and genuine. For me, that makes all the difference. She wants nothing but the best for all of her clients, and you can feel that every time you speak with her. Her knowledge of nutrition and hormonal balance is incredible, and I have learned so much and will continue to use what she has taught me well beyond just trying to conceive. I highly recommend Sarah for anyone trying to conceive, going through the fertility process or even just wish to become a healthier person.”

— Abby S.


Fertility comes easy!

“Thank you, Sarah!

Since I started working with you, fertility comes easy!”

– Margot G.

I got pregnant at week 11!

“I wanted to let you know that I was trying to get pregnant for the last 3 years. I started The Fertility Code and I got pregnant at week 11!

We had decided to try IVF but our doctor called us and said “Please don’t start the medication, you’re already pregnant!”

Thank you Sarah for this amazing job you’re doing.

Baby dust to all of you!”

– Cecilia C.


When I first starting seeing Sarah we were struggling with years of infertility and we are now blessed with a beautiful daughter!

“Sarah has been a huge help over the last couple of years, helping me to change my life in the most positive way. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2015 and at the time wasn’t aware of how unhealthy and exhausted I was. My doctor’s advice was “Do you eat carbs?….Well don’t”.  I honestly didn’t know what to do next and really wanted some guidance.

My first time meeting with Sarah was so informative and enlightening. She was able to describe my condition in such an easy way, explaining things I never knew about myself and the condition I was dealing with. She guided me on what foods I needed to be incorporating into my diet, as well as the ones that needed to be eliminated.

She continues to encourages me to stay on the right path and is helpful and understanding when it’s just not possible. It took less than a week to realize that following her advice was having a profound effect on how I felt.

I would recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking for real results! She in knowledgeable, professional, and most of all relatable and personal when it comes to talking about your dietary issues and problems. When I first starting seeing Sarah we were struggling with years of infertility and we are now blessed with a beautiful daughter!”

– Kristi Volskis

We are pregnant!

“Great news over here … we took a pregnancy test yesterday and can finally say we are pregnant!

We are very excited and thankful that I connected with you and The Fertility Code, SO helpful! Can’t thank you enough.”

– Ashley

I was able to retrieve a chromosomally healthy egg and get pregnant at 42 years old.

“I first met Sarah when I began fertility treatment at the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine in 2011. I had been through four unsuccessful rounds of IVF at that point and was feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. After taking a detailed and compassionate account of my journey, Sarah recommended a customized plan to optimize my health. This included a low inflammatory diet tailored to boosting fertility, along with probiotics to counter the many rounds of antibiotics I had been prescribed, and a customized supplemental regimen to boost fertility and my flagging immune system.

I followed her plan carefully and began to feel better quickly. My energy returned and my mood and sleep improved. And with the next round of treatment, I was able to retrieve a chromosomally healthy egg and get pregnant at 42 years old. Sarah was so helpful in that process: the depth of her knowledge was impressive, and her genuine caring became a big source of support for me as I pursued treatment. I am very grateful for her help and would give the highest recommendation for anyone seeking to enhance their general health or fertility. Thank you, Sarah!”

— Lisa B.

You changed my life … I am forever grateful.

“I cannot thank Sarah Jane enough for not only her life-changing nutritional advice, but her sincere understanding and support of our dream to have a child. When I met Sarah Jane I was stuck in the negative cycle of stress eating and burning the candle at both ends. As she so rightfully put it, my body felt like it was constantly “running from a bear” … certainly not good a time to make a baby!

With her guidance I was able to get back on a path of positive energy and was able to prepare my body for the upcoming journey of a lifetime … my daughter, Caroline, was born in January!

The changes that I made with the help of Sarah Jane are ones that I truly believe contributed to her arrival and are ones that hope to use throughout my life. You changed my life … I am forever grateful. THANK YOU!!!!!”

— Melissa Tatham


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