Hormone Healing Results

Victoria E.

It was only after starting to work with Sarah on my diet and supplementation that I really started to feel better and ALL of my issues resolved.

“I started working with Sarah in 2014, frustrated after a year of trying to heal many health issues from a bad car accident with traditional medicine and prescription drugs that left me with weight gain, sleep issues, and brain fog. It was only after starting to work with Sarah on my diet and supplementation that I really started to feel better and ALL of my issues resolved.

Since then, Sarah has helped me with everything from digestive issues to women’s health and even consulted my husband.  I have learned so much about nutrition and healthy living from Sarah–I can truly say my diet, pantry, products and routine are so much cleaner as a result of her knowledge and encouragement. I am so much more in tune now with what my body needs and have so many more tools to create good health naturally.

Sarah is so positive and has a magical way of helping you improve habits while making you feel good about it at the same time. Her knowledge is deep, her attention to detail incredible, and her practice kind. I now consider Sarah an integral part of my health network and am relieved to know I can consult her about any health issue that comes up.”

— Victoria E.

We are nourished from the inside out.

“I am so thankful for Sarah’s easy, straightforward, and well rounded approach to nutrition counseling. Just after giving birth, I went to Sarah for a nutrition counseling session. I was feeling depleted after pregnancy, birth, and the first few sleepless months with my new baby. Sarah was so understanding and compassionate. She gave me simple, healthy nutrition advice that empowered me to nourish myself so that I could nourish my baby. I left with a grocery shopping list, some new yummy recipes, and the supplements that I needed to supercharge my body postpartum.

After following Sarah’s nutrition plan, I feel healthy, strong, vibrant, and so in love with my son. We are nourished from the inside out. When people ask how I stay healthy as a new mom, I always tell them about Sarah!”

— Katherine Sanz


Working with Sarah Jane Sandy has been a huge blessing to my health!

“I came to Sarah to learn how to balance my blood sugar during the last trimester of my pregnancy, which was imperative because of my recent Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Sarah was thorough, professional, and extremely knowledgeable in the field of nutrition and hormones. I felt at ease with her and I could tell she was very confident that she could help me get back into balance. Sarah was very detailed, asking me tons of questions about my food habits, lifestyle and more. She not only found delicious healthy alternatives for me, but she customized a food plan specifically for my body and needs … If your pregnancy diet isn’t working for you, do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Sarah. I highly recommend her! Thank you so much for your help, Sarah!”

– Amorette

Sarah is the real deal.

“I decided to work with Sarah after receiving some fairly depressing fertility results that had me less than optimistic about my chances of conceiving. I worked with Sarah on implementing a new diet for the 3 months leading up to a second round of testing to get my body and my results in a better place. She was a total professional, I was very impressed with her breadth of knowledge and seriousness about her work. Sarah is the real deal.

Sarah helped me to really understand the foods, vitamins and lifestyle choices that might be affecting my body. In just one consultation, she developed a diet for me, and passed along a lot of helpful information that carried me throughout the 3 month period. It was worth every penny and with Sarah’s suggestions along with an acupuncture regimen, my results completely bounced back to normal levels!

A good majority of the lifestyle changes that I made during this 3 month period have become my everyday – most importantly over-hydrating. Its incredible what water does to our health and even getting rid of my wrinkles! 😉

Within just 2 sessions with Sarah I had a full plan that I was able to incorporate. It was completely affordable and I felt like I could easily adjust my life to her suggestions. If I do decide to use my own eggs and get pregnant in the near future, I will absolutely put a plan together with Sarah to get my body ready again.

I’ve recommended Sarah to people so many times :)! I would recommend Sarah to any woman who is considering getting pregnant and wants to prepare her body to be as healthy as possible, anyone who is having issues getting pregnant, or anyone going through any fertility treatments. Sarah has found a unique niche and her passion for this group is really evident.

Sarah didn’t try to sell me on anything – she told me up front that we would really only need a few sessions and that was it. It was incredibly easy to schedule, pay and I thought a lot of value for the money.”

– Sarah Hubbard


I now have ZERO PMS symptoms!

“I have followed your plan and have eliminated everything you suggested – and I am a week away from my period and have absolutely ZERO PMS symptoms. I was having major swelling and tender breasts starting two weeks out! You are a miracle worker!”

— Lindsay

I learned the gift of self love.

“Sarah is such a positive light, she has a nurturing energy about her that makes you feel comfortable acknowledging that sometimes we need to make a scary yet positive change.

After dealing with several dietary restrictions and developing what become an unhealthy relationship with my workouts, leading to losing too much weight and no menstrual cycle for years, it took me years and several doctors to figure out what the right and healthy path was for myself. With Sarah’s help, I learned the gift of self love and how to treat and nurture my body with the right foods, supplements, and self-care, in such a positive way that my body could start healing.

Within one month of working with Sarah and implementing all of her suggestions, my period returned! I couldn’t believe it. What a gift.”

– Emily Fenger


Sarah is great to work with – she has an uplifting, reassuring, calm personality, and provides detailed, thorough nutritional guidance.

“Working with Sarah has been great. I really love her approach to nutrition and hormonal balance, and her emphasis on eating whole, nutritious, real foods. I came to Sarah because my husband and I would like to conceive, but I haven’t had a period in years likely due to intense frequent exercise and underfueling. While I can’t claim “success” yet, I’ve changed my eating and exercise habits and have noticed positive changes in my body, and intend to keep working at this.

Sarah is great to work with – she has an uplifting, reassuring, calm personality, and provides detailed, thorough nutritional guidance. I especially love her natural approach, and am grateful that I didn’t have to vastly change my approach to eating, but instead just make some small intentional changes of incorporating more nutrition and food into my daily habits.

I’m also happy that I didn’t have to stop all exercise, but instead replaced intense HIIT/cardio/strength sessions with more gentle forms of exercise like hiking, yoga, etc.

The resources, recipes, blog posts, product recommendations, and information Sarah provides through her website and emails are also great and seem thoroughly researched and well-informed. I’m happy I found Sarah, and am looking forward to continuing to work with her.  I’d recommend her services to anyone dealing with hormonal issues, missing periods, and/or difficulty conceiving, or really any woman looking to improve her nutrition and fertility.”

— Laura Kimble

We finally have an answer to my miscarriages – I was diagnosed with APS.

“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help! My periods are normal now – no cramps, no breast tenderness, no cravings! I can go on with my normal routine when I’m on my period, I can’t believe it! My period is only 4 days now, with my fourth day being very light! It use to be six days with one day of no bleeding and then the next day I would start bleeding again. So again, thank you for all you do!”

— Erika

My first period in 4 years!!!

“Hi Sarah! Just wanted to let you know that I got my period today!! First time in 4 years, and I give so much thanks to you!! I know you have helped me the most of any doctor that I have seen in the past few years. Thanks again for everything.”

— Kelly P.

Sarah has changed my life – several times.

“I sought her help initially because I was having debilitating migraines. I had tried different things including various medicines. After my first visit with Sarah, I have never had another migraine!

She did a thorough assessment and made recommendations regarding diet and supplements. I began to feel better immediately. I continued to work with her on energy levels and sleep difficulties – also with great success.

A few years later, I developed an autoimmune disease, which was undiagnosed by several doctors. I called Sarah with blood work results and she told me what she thought it was and what tests I should get. Once again, she was right on. I then worked with Sarah to address what was causing the disease and to reduce the inflammation in my body.

Her knowledge of the body, its systems, blood, hormones and more is amazing. Even better is her ability to explain what is happening and the reasons for her recommendations.

Recently, I am back, yet again, working with Sarah on bone related issues such as osteopenia/osteoporosis. Her background and knowledge regarding hormones is impressive to say the least. I have such confidence in her ability to see the big picture, and to suggest ways to help my body heal and get stronger.

I find Sarah to be extremely smart, knowledgeable, patient, kind, and thorough. She is easy to talk to and very supportive. She works well with other professionals. I trust her completely.”

— Celia Sinoway


At my first appointment with Sarah she helped me figure out what had been ailing me for over 25 years.

“I had been to numerous doctors and through many tests and procedures, all with no definitive results. I had learned to adapt and endure what seemed to be random painful food related symptoms. At my first appointment with Sarah she helped me figure out what had been ailing me for over 25 years.

After eliminating gluten from my diet I have been symptom free for the first time in my life. I was a little nervous to make such a dramatic shift in my diet but Sarah helped me transition into a new way of living with a high level of support. Her treatment plans are very detailed and include specific brands so I know exactly what to look for when I’m shopping. She sends me hundreds of recipes and quickly responds to follow up questions.

I had considered myself to be a healthy and knowledgeable food consumer but Sarah opened my eyes to a whole new level of honest and quality information that is not commonly disseminated in our society.

Sarah has changed my life, improved my family’s quality of health, and positively impacted the community that surrounds me. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone that has a sincere interest in making meaningful changes in their life through nutrition.”

— Megan

I have now started having regular 30 day cycles!

“Sarah has been so helpful on my journey towards pregnancy. As a vegetarian, I was concerned about my diet not providing everything I needed to create a healthy environment for a baby. Sarah gladly answered any questions I had, dispelled myths I grew up believing and gave me helpful tips to introduce healthy fats into my diet.

Beyond helping me with my vegetarian diet, I had an unexpected bonus after several months of working with her. I have always had a long cycle (6 weeks) which led doctors to believe I may suffer from PCOS. However, after working with Sarah and shifting several things in my diet I have now started having regular 30 day cycles!

This seems like a real sign that I am on the right track with my diet and well being. I am extremely happy that I chose to get my nutrition in order and that Sarah was next to me each step of the way.

I would recommend her hands down, she made a potentially difficult task much easier with her welcoming environment and easily understood advice.”

— Adria


My hair is growing back, my hormones are under control, my cycles are back on track, and my symptoms of PCOS are gone!

“In 2009, friends and family started noticing that my hair was thinning. I hadn’t really noticed it was getting thin at first, but after grabbing a mirror, I made an appointment with my regular doctor. I was referred to a dermatologist. The dermatologist took some blood samples, and my testosterone was through the roof. I was immediately referred to an endocrinologist.

My symptoms included: thinning hair, absence of periods, weight gain, abnormal growth of hair on my face, and hypothyroidism. My diagnosis was PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). The plan was for me to lose weight and to re-grow my hair. To do that he prescribed high blood pressure medication (even though I didn’t have high blood pressure) as he said it would help re-grow my hair.

I took the medication for a few months. The only thing that came from the medication was a constantly feeling sick to my stomach. I was telling my sister about it, and she said I should come to Denver to meet with Sarah. So I made the trip.

I’m so glad my sister referred me to Sarah and that I made an appointment with her. My experience and journey with Sarah has been amazing. I’ve learned to change my eating habits and feel so much better. That was the biggest change for me. We all like to think we are eating healthy, when in fact some of the things we eat really aren’t good for us.

I also take certain supplements and have incorporated exercise, based on Sarah’s recommendations. I feel so much better and am very happy with the changes I’ve made. Sarah helped me with hair re-growth, getting my hormones under control, getting my periods back on track, and reversing the side effects of PCOS. I would recommend Sarah to my friends, family and even strangers!!”

— Jessica Meyer

Working with Sarah changed my life in a tangible, practical way.

“I was in need of getting my hormones balanced, and I did not realize how fundamental my diet was in making that happen. I have learned so much valuable information about what to eat and why. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Sarah continues to be as she is always available to graciously answer my many questions about food and healthy living in general. I will always be thankful for her availability and willingness to share her knowledge with me!”

— Tristen Anderson


My young daughter’s constipation and reflux are gone!!

“I have been working with Sarah through different phases in the growth of my family. Although my diet has always been full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and mostly grain-free, it was lacking in good sources of protein and essential fats such as coconut and olive oils, butter, grass-fed meats and pastured eggs.

I feel this addition has helped decrease sugar cravings, sustain energy levels and improve skin healing. I also contribute this to my first daughter’s strong health.

Most recently, Sarah has helped us in treating my second daughter’s constipation and reflux. Bone broth along with prebiotics and probiotics have been key elements in her improvement.

Sarah has been an excellent resource for our family. We all could benefit from her knowledge. Food is medicine.”

— Kim Terry

Working with Sarah gave me a much-needed boost after the birth of my son.

“I was nutritionally depleted, exhausted and needed support and guidance to get my health and well-being back on track.  With Sarah’s recipes, supplement recommendations, and follow-up, I started to feel balanced and replenished than I had in years​.  Introducing her ​suggested supplements, and eating more holistically gave me so much more energy.  Sarah also helped me keep my son’s health on track with food recommendations, probiotic guidance, and more.  I would recommend Sarah’s services to of any age and at any stage of life. Sarah’s calm manor, nonjudgmental attitude and desire to work with you to achieve your realistic goals make her the perfect health coach.”

– Annie Horn

annie horn

My son’s thrush cleared up quickly and a few weeks later for the first time in my life, I didn’t crave anything I saw.

“I first spoke with Sarah almost three years ago – a couple of weeks after my son was born. I had asked our doula for a nutritionist recommendation. I mentioned to Sarah that my infant was suffering from thrush and she had a plan for that. She said, since I was exclusively breastfeeding, that the sugar in my body was allowing the thrush to continue to thrive in his body. So, in addition to taking some supplements, I needed to stop eating anything my body could make into sugar, including dairy and grains, and obviously … sugar.

Of course I wanted my son to get better, so I when I hung up the phone I went grocery shopping for everything on Sarah’s list. My son’s thrush cleared up quickly and a few weeks later, the strangest thing happened. I was in line at the grocery store and I glanced over at the candy. For the first time in my life, I didn’t crave anything I saw. The rows of chocolate had no effect on me! As it turns out, all I had to do was get the sugar out of my system and I didn’t crave it anymore!

After a few months of eating this I was leaner and more energetic. Sarah also helped us learn the best ways to introduce healthy foods to our son. When he had his latest dental checkup, the dentist said she never sees toddler teeth that healthy! Our son is almost three and he prefers some pineapple to any processed snacks or junk!”

— Sarah Gabriele

Sarah was able to suggest detailed food items and recipes that boosted my milk supply and I was back up to my normal production within days.

“Due to a medical procedure, my milk supply dropped. Sarah was able to suggest detailed food items and recipes that boosted my milk supply and I was back up to my normal production within days. The food she suggested was wholesome, delicious, and best of all … nutritive for my five month old son. Thank you, Sarah!!”

— Dana F.


My mood is significantly more stable and my energy level stays constant throughout the day, unlike before. I don’t have the highs and lows emotionally or physically. This says a lot having just had a baby!

“My experience working with Sarah has been exceptional. Her guidance is tailored specifically to me and, more importantly, she meets me exactly where I am at, which makes nutrition and fitness goals feel attainable.

Sarah provides research-based nutrition and exercise guidelines. She provides us with research articles as well as handouts that explain things for the layperson. Understanding the research behind what I am doing helps motivate me. Sarah also provides incredible resources including endless recipes, snack ideas, apps and other online tools to support my progress.

Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and applies it beautifully to fit my individual needs. Sarah has helped me understand basic nutrition in a way that I never have before. More specifically, she helped me understand the relationship between nutrition, hormones, and breastfeeding.

Her 30 minute check-ins over Skype have given me accountability as well as new information exactly when I need the motivation to keep on track. The biggest motivator, however, has been that I feel better. My experience tells me that listening to Sarah’s guidance is a true lifestyle change – and one that feels empowering.

My entire approach to food changed through my work with Sarah. My husband and I stopped eating grains and soy – two major components of our pre-Sarah diet. I have also learned about the benefits of fat, which was counterintuitive in the beginning having grown up in a culture that promotes “low/no-fat diets.”

The biggest change I notice is that my mood is significantly more stable. I also that feel my energy level stays constant throughout the day, unlike before. I don’t have the highs and lows emotionally or physically. I feel strong and balanced. This says a lot having just had a baby!

The benefits I’ve experienced working with Sarah include more balance and stability emotionally as well as physically; weight loss without having to beat myself up or diet; lifestyle changes that will benefit my son as well; physical fitness as a result of research-based information (i.e. doing shorter HIIT workouts), which was much more manageable postpartum; understanding and appreciation of REAL food – I love that I get to enjoy butter; high quality vitamins and protein sources; and lastly, I feel more informed on the food industry and marketing strategies that warp our understanding of what is good for us.

I would recommend Sarah’s services to any and everyone. I benefited from doing our first session with Sarah as a couple as it has given us a shared foundation in our knowledge and lifestyle goals. I think it was exceptionally helpful to work with Sarah soon after having a baby, and only wish that I had met her before pregnancy!”

— Katie Spencer

What used to be a week of PMS moodiness and tiredness, turned into just one day – only on the first day of my menstrual cycle!

“I can’t say enough positive things about my experience working with Sarah. Throughout my life I have experienced health issues and allergies but had never sought the help of a nutritionist (wish I had done it earlier!).

It was not until after giving birth to my second child that I felt it was imperative to work with a nutritionist – not only to jump start my own health and find my way back to my body after babies, but also to jumpstart our family’s eating habits for the health of everyone in the family. I found that shaping my eating habits for health also shaped my family’s, since I am the primary food purchaser and chef for my family.

I found Sarah’s approach very well-rounded and scientific and easy to understand and jump on board. Our focus was based on an in-depth blood screen, a hormonal screen, and of course the story of my personal observations. Our approach was a personal approach that focused on hormonal balance, immune boost, gut health and adrenal support. Sarah helped me with my health and my family’s health in a multitude of ways.

Personally, I found that the change in my diet gave me more energy and less swings in energy and blood sugar. The supplements totally erased my PMS mood swings and lack of energy. What used to be a week of PMS moodiness and tiredness, turned into just one day – only on the first day of my menstrual cycle! It was a very amazing change from “Oh, this is just the way I am” to “Wow, what I put in my body really affects how I feel!”.

What also totally disappeared was the chin acne that usually also appeared each month before my cycle. The other huge change was that usually I was very prone to easily getting sick if I had a bad night of sleep, or stayed out too late. It seemed any little thing could put me over the edge and I constantly got sick with ear and sinus infections. Now I only get sick once a year – it’s amazing.

I am also very happy with how much my whole family has benefitted – it took some organization and planning but it has totally paid off, our family maintains a very high level of health, rarely getting sick.

I would recommend Sarah to any woman struggling with hormonal imbalances which could manifest in the form of mood swings, acne or abnormal menstrual cycles, etc. I would also suggest Sarah to any family that is struggling with health, i.e. getting sick all the time or a family that is having a hard time getting healthy meals on the table on a continual basis.”

— Sarah Klingelheber


Increased energy, better sleeping, clearer head, and less bloat. I haven’t felt this good since my 20’s!

“My experience working with Sarah has been life changing. I came to her really frustrated because I had gone to medical Dr.’s as well as “nutritionists” only to get the same unhelpful, antiquated, “throw a pill at it” advice. I was lucky to get referred to Sarah from a friend. We sat down and discussed my issues. I could tell by looking at her and her reactions that she knew exactly what was going on. She is very honest and knowledgeable about what she does, a true expert.

She asked me if I could commit to a new way of eating for 30 days. I thought I can do anything for 30 days! I started noticing a positive difference within 7-10 days, which made the remaining 20 very easy. I didn’t know how bad I felt, until I started feeling really good!

My issues were a food intolerance that was creating symptoms, which Sarah knew how to eliminate right away. The other modifications she recommended to my diet were what allowed me to start feeling really good. Increased energy, better sleeping, clearer head, and less bloat. After the 30 days we met again and she asked how I felt, and what I wanted to add back in to my diet. I said I felt great and didn’t want to change a thing! I think she was a little surprised, but I had not felt this good since my 20’s.

She taught me what to look for in foods and how to make the best choices for me. I don’t feel restricted in what I am putting in my body at all. I have been eating this way for over 20 months, and have read many books that compliment this. I have and would recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives. The people I have recommended to her, would say the same.”

— Michelle Gilly

Sarah has been so easy to work with. She has a light about her that shines so bright, you feel better just being in her glow!

“I was suffering from menopause and it was awful! I had hot flashes all the time, crying because of how miserable I was and just felt funky. I had been taking synthetic hormones through a different doctor, having blood tests to check my levels of hormones and general health. After working with Sarah, she taught me that these synthetic hormones were not what I needed, and that the blood test was only a snapshot of my health at a particular time. We did a saliva test (it is a test where you collect your saliva throughout the entire day) and I was amazed at how much more of an indicator it was of what was going on in my body! My hormones were so high, it was scary!

With Sarah’s guidance, I now am taking supplements that are SO much better for my health. And my hot flashes and feeling bad have pretty much disappeared (unless I forget to take my supplements)! I feel SO much better, happier, healthier – all thanks to my guardian angel, Sarah. I would never go anywhere else or TO anyone else with any female issues that I might have.

I can’t thank her enough for her guidance, it has been a godsend.”

— Marni Erwin


I didn’t want to do any hormonal replacement and Sarah was able to get me on track simply with proper dietary changes and supplements. My symptoms went away and I felt incredibly balanced again.

“I was introduced to Sarah through a friend that had experienced wonderful results. It was very easy to talk to Sarah and she is a great listener. Sarah is able to inspire you to achieve better health with simplicity.

Her strongest asset is her ability to listen to what the issues are and then proceed with what she believes will work for your lifestyle and discipline. The solutions were great and attainable. I enjoyed that she had the thoughtfulness to give me different options.

I travel a lot and Sarah was able to teach me how to work with the native and cultural foods while staying focused on disciplined eating. I appreciated the invitation to try new foods.

Although I am a very healthy eater, it was a life changer to see what else was out there in the health food stores that I had previously missed. I was able to shift my thinking and make exciting new choices for my meals.

The biggest thing for me was that I did not want to do any hormonal replacement and Sarah was able to get me on track with the proper dietary changes and supplements. My symptoms went away and I felt incredibly balanced again. I really appreciated that Sarah was open and encouraging to start with simple solutions. I will always be grateful that those solutions made a difference.

Another big thing Sarah helped me with was getting me ready for surgery and how to make my body healthy before during and after. The results were the best I could hope for. I really boosted my immune system and I was able to recover much faster. I’ll always appreciate what you can do holistically to stay strong and bounce back quicker.

I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone that would like to make a change in their eating and would benefit from sessions of coaching that aim at shifting how you think about food – in particular grains and sugar. It’s a great way to start fresh and feel better.

I really appreciated that Sarah always responded to quick questions and made herself available for concerns whether it was to order supplements or needing an answer about food selections. I also think the recipes and food lists she gives you at the beginning of your journey are very helpful. I don’t always stick to clean eating but I have all the tools I need to set myself straight at any moment because of Sarah’s outstanding consulting.”

— Natalie L.

In an age where interactions with doctors feel less personal and more protocol-driven, I found working with Sarah completely refreshing!

“Working with Sarah has been a life-changing experience for me. From the first time I consulted with her on the phone, I felt Sarah really listened to and understood my health concerns. It is amazing the trust I was able to confide in Sarah, without ever meeting her face-to-face. In an age where interactions with doctors feel less personal and more protocol-driven, I found working with Sarah completely refreshing!

The general vitamin and supplement regimen I have implemented in my life has increased my energy and I cannot remember the last time I suffered from a cold or other illness. Sarah especially helped me to identify some hormonal deficiencies I was experiencing. By recommending a hormone panel and helping me to decipher and understand the data generated from the tests, Sarah helped me gain new insights into my health that may never have been identified otherwise.”

— Aimee Culwick


She was able to help me balance my hormones through diet and supplements so I am able to have a sound night of sleep for the first time in several years.

“Working with Sarah has been a wonderful experience in so many ways. She was able to help me balance my hormones through diet and supplements so I am able to have a sound night of sleep for the first time in several years. She dug deep to figure out the root cause and started from the ground up instead of just masking the symptoms. Sarah has been insightful, informative and is always just a phone call or e-mail away. She is every bit as personable as professional. I have recommended her to many family and friends for a variety of reasons and will continue to do so.”

— Ashley S.

Sarah is so personable and made me feel so comfortable talking about everything.

“Food and eating has always been a sensitive subject for me. Sarah is so personable and made me feel so comfortable talking about everything. I felt like I was sitting in the living room talking to my sister when I was with her. She answered all of my questions clearly and made super complex health and diet topics easy to understand. I have a lot to work on but feel like I have a solid and clear game plan thanks to her!”

— Melanie Quinlan


I am sleeping well, have great energy and I have never seen body fat loss like this.

“I was recommended to Sarah in the summer of 2013. I was 35 at the time and was a month out from suffering a massive heart attack. Upon leaving the hospital, I was unsure how to move on and implement changes in my life that I could sustain long term. Nutrition was one thing I knew I could had control over.

My initial meeting with Sarah was like meeting with an old friend. She listened, offered feedback and set me on a course that has changed my life forever. She helped break down the most common myths around food and also helped me understand how to look at eating as both enjoyable, but also therapeutic.

Since working with Sarah I have never felt restricted by any changes we made to my diet. In fact just the opposite. In addition, I recognized benefits in sleep patterns, mood and overall fitness.

Now I am sleeping well, have great energy and I have never seen body fat loss like this. I think I went into the hospital at 172 and I am 148 today. And I have not felt like I have given up anything. I’m also learning to eat out on this plan and enjoying some indulgences as well.

Sarah’s enthusiasm is amazing to see and the love of what she does is evident in the time she spends with you. She has changed my life forever and I will always be thankful for her help.”

— Daniel Jerrett

Not only am I healthier, but I also have much more confidence about my body.

“Sarah came highly recommended to me, and I’m so glad I met with her. I had always been one of those people who thought there was no reason to see a nutritionist because they already ate healthy.

I was a little skeptical at first about the full fat and more meat. Since I had to write a paper about the experience (best business school project – choose one thing about your life and change it), I immediately began to make all the those changes she suggested. I started buying grass fed meat, wild fish, more organic produce, full fat organic milk products, and coconut oil.

I stopped eating products with gluten in them and eating more protein. I changed the oils, butter, and dressings I used. My grocery bill may have gone up, but I honestly feel a difference. Not only am I healthier, but I also have much more confidence about my body. I had some blood work done the other month at a routine check up and everything came back great! I 100% believe and now fully understand the changes she had me make and what a profound difference they’ve made in my diet and lifestyle.”

— Nicole Iaci


I have lost about 10 to 15 pounds in these past few months.

“Working with Sarah has been an eye-opening experience. She has changed my entire outlook on food and nutrition, not just from a fertility point of view but overall well-being perspective – for me and for my family. I have lost about 10 to 15 pounds in these past few months. I am better informed about what I serve my family. And the best part is that she has an alternative healthy solution to everything – whether it’s white starchy food, coffee, gluten, or just about anything. Sarah has helped me achieve a dietary balance that addresses my blood sugar level, cholesterol and fertility needs.”

— Nicole S.

Within 10 short days of integrating Sarah’s nutritional and lifestyle advice my digestion problems had been relieved, and I felt amazing – I had more energy, I could think more clearly and felt great in my body!

“When I started working with Sarah, we aimed to address my biggest complaints: chronic yeast infections and digestive issues that I had been dealing with for years. After a careful and holistic assessment of my diet and lifestyle habits, Sarah was able to simply educate me on what was causing my physical ailments and why. She guided me on how I could bring my body back into balance with proper nutrition and supplements that were ideal for my body to restore and heal itself.

Within 10 short days of integrating Sarah’s nutritional and lifestyle advice, my yeast infection had subsided and most of my digestion problems had been relieved! Simply put, I felt amazing – I had more energy, I could think more clearly and felt great in my body!

Sarah is authentically kind and compassionate; she really listens to you and what your body is saying. Sarah has had a huge and positive impact on my life. With her knowledge and guidance, I have become more empowered to nourish and heal myself through holistic nutrition and listening to my body. I would recommend her to any woman looking to improve and optimize their overall health and vitality.”

— Julie Spoth

I am at my healthy weight once again and I have the energy I need to get through my day!

“Sarah came into my life at a time when I really needed someone who understood nutrition. I needed someone who knew how the body worked and could help me make sense of all the conflicting information that was out there about what we should and shouldn’t eat.

Food has always been a very central part of my life. I have a garden, I love to cook and I enjoy reading articles about nutrition and health, so when I read about Paleo a few years back, it just made sense to jump on the Paleo bandwagon.

Fast forward 8-9 months … I was at the heaviest weight I’d ever been and crazy tired. This blew my mind because I felt like I was doing all the right things and eating healthy, but my body definitely disagreed with this. On top of it all, the Paleo diet was working great for my husband. He felt amazing! He had lots of energy to exercise and his sugar cravings stopped.

At this point, I just wanted someone to tell me what I needed to do to feel better, and luckily I found Sarah. I am really impressed with Sarah. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and she has the education, the years, and the experience in working with lots of different clients.

I found Sarah to have a real genuine compassion, optimism and confidence in her work. Plus, she was very easy to talk to, so right away, I just trusted her and her judgement. I’m glad that I did, because now I am at my healthy weight once again and I have the energy I need to get through my day. Thanks Sarah!!!”

— Wendy

She listened to what I had difficulties with and came up with suggestions that fit my current situation and needs.

“Working with Sarah has been a great experience. I appreciate the time she took to really listen to me and gather as much information as possible. You could tell that she looked at and considered the whole picture of my life and not just one fraction (i.e. my diet).

When most people think of nutritionists they think of food, but Sarah really excels at helping people choose healthier lifestyles. I would almost say she is a life coach and a nutritionist.

Sleep has been a huge issue for me (I have a 2 year old daughter) and Sarah gave me some very simple and concrete suggestions to help improve the quality of my sleep as best as I can at this stage in my life.

If I told her something wasn’t working for me she gave me alternate suggestions and was very thoughtful about the whole process. This is very important to me because I have worked with a lot of professionals who struggle with giving me alternative suggestions when I communicate something they have suggested isn’t working for me, as if something must be wrong with me.

That was not the case with Sarah. She listened to what I had difficulties with and came up with suggestions that fit my current situation and needs. I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking to make a positive lifestyle change and anyone who is ready to improve the quality of their life.”

— Kristina Newman


During our first meeting together, I immediately knew I was in the right hands.

“I sought Sarah out with the hope that she could propel me to a higher level of health and wellbeing. Not only is Sarah a former friend of mine from high school, but she is one of the best in her field when it comes to her dedication to women’s health, and her knowledge about hormone health and fertility.

I was on the right track with my health, but it was a mystery to me as to why I was continuing to struggle with mood swings, skin rashes, fatigue, and general malaise. After becoming a mother, I figured that maybe all of this was my new normal. Boy, was I wrong!

Sarah was a wealth of information and helped to shed light on many things I had never thought of changing in my diet and lifestyle. She mentioned that I was probably depleted of nutrients after the birth of my son and the general demands of motherhood – all of which I had never thought of before. She was thorough and compassionate in her approach, and during our time together I was so impressed in how much knowledge she possesses concerning women’s health and nutrition. I didn’t have to worry about my new lifestyle plan being difficult to follow. Sarah literally provided me with a detailed report and shopping list – tailored specifically to me based on foods I was already eating – but she swapped them for foods that would be easier for my body to use as fuel and digest properly. She also included vitamins to take, practices to lead a less stressful life, and other helpful tools.

After following the plan Sarah and I created, I immediately noticed my skin rashes clearing up completely and the fatigue literally lifting away. My husband commented that I seemed happier. So I guess Sarah inadvertently helped my marriage, too :).

I tell every woman I know who is struggling with fertility, hormone imbalances, or tummy troubles to go see Sarah. I feel happier, healthier, more balanced … and more alive, really. I wish that for all women!

I am grateful that Sarah helped steer me toward a path of better health, and I am honored to call her a friend as well as a master in her field – she truly is the best!”

— Eden D.

Sarah gave me hope.

“I was always a happy and healthy young woman until I left for study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa in the fall of my junior year. After about 2 months of being in Cape Town, my stomach and digestive issues were worse than ever. I was experiencing GI issues in such extremes that I was besides myself. It was almost as if my body stopped having the ability to digest food. I had constant stomach pains, was swollen and bloated, and filled with gas to the point where I looked I was in the 3rd trimester of a pregnancy. It was even painful to stand up and walk. While in South Africa, I saw doctor after doctor, and was diagnosed with ‘travelers stomach’.

Finally, the 6 months were up and I returned back to the US where I started a 5 year journey of meeting with 35+ doctors in an attempt to regain stomach health. I was diagnosed with a lot of things from h pylori to a parasite and underwent lots and lots of GI tests that, according to my doctors, came out to be seemingly ‘normal’, but my symptoms only continued to spiral out of control. At this point, I was 20 lbs heavier than I am today and nothing I did could revamp my digestive system. Every doctor that I saw settled at fact that I had ‘IBS’ (aka – they had ruled out everything that they considered to be bad but I was still not getting better and there was no medical explanation for my issues). I was prescribed laxative after laxative and other trial medications. I was told repetitively that since I tested negative for celiac disease, there will be no benefit to me eliminating gluten or other food groups like diary. This saga continues for quite some time … feeling hopeless, cycles of depression, no one can figure out what is wrong with me … blah, blah, blah.

Fast forward many years (3.5 to be precise) and many doctors later, I met Sarah Jane and she honestly changed my life (and I do not say that lightly). Sarah was the first practitioner that I saw that understood what I was going through (all aspects, including emotionally) and who genuinely committed to partner with me on this journey to regain health. When I came to Sarah, I felt utterly hopeless and fearful of more dead ends. Sarah gave me hope. Sarah introduced me to an anti-inflammatory diet and was able to break down some of the things that were really happening in my body, like systemic inflammation. Sarah showed me how a total change in lifestyle could bring me be back to health, she got me hooked on the lifestyle that I am now committed to. I started this balanced and holistic lifestyle in August of 2013 and have dedicated myself to this lifestyle ever since (with ongoing guidance and support from Sarah). Despite the relief the change in diet and lifestyle change gave me, I continued to have relapses of my symptoms that seemed to come out of nowhere and would last months at a time. Through these flare ups, Sarah was with me every step of the was helping me problem solve. As it turns out, a lot of my stomach issues are related to endometriosis and other hormonal balances. Once again, Sarah helped bring me back to life by helping me to balance my hormones.

I would recommend (and I have) to anyone and everyone. She is a wealth of knowledge, compassionate, dedicated, an expert … I honestly can’t think of enough words to describe how amazing she is. Working with Sarah has actually inspired me to pursue my own career in holistic healing and nutrition. I really don’t know where I would be without her!!!”

— Kyle P.


I would encourage women trying to navigate this stage of life to work with Sarah for sanity and peace of mind.

“I recently found myself in the middle of a hormonal natural disaster known as perimenopause. Thankfully, I started working with Sarah and it has made a huge impact on my overall physical and mental health.

Rather than dismissing me as “emotional,” or giving me prescription meds immediately, she created a personalized plan that included nutrition, stress reduction techniques, and supplement optimization. There are many phases of life where our hormones need a general manager, and perimenopause and menopause are no exception.”

— Kathy H.

​I​ ​would ​recommend ​Sarah to anyone who ​is looking to make changes in their life related to lifestyle and nutrition​.

“My experience working with Sarah was very positive. She is a very warm and non-judgmental person who is very passionate about her work. This is evident in how she interacts with her clients. She is very educated about nutrition, but also about wellness in general and has a breadth of knowledge about all kinds of things! Additionally she is very professional and timely in her responses and follow up. I never felt pressure to make changes from Sarah, they were recommendations and even if I was slow to adopt them, she acknowledged that these dietary changes take time and can be a hard transition. I appreciated that.

Sarah helped me take a closer look at my diet and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation as to how food informed how I felt. I have had an intense relationship with sugar for most of my life, but I have been candy-free since we started our work together over a year ago. I attribute this to Sarah and feel like she helped me understand and conceptualize how to have a healthier relationship with food and to care more deeply about what I am putting in my body.

In addition to the candy-free stuff; I am more selective about the types of food I eat as well as the quality of food that I eat. This has made me feel healthier and more energetic. I believe that what I gained from our work together not only made me feel healthier, it made me healthier.

I went to Sarah initially because of a substantial unintentional weight loss, loss of energy, and GI problems. While I was working with Sarah, I learned the underlying medical reason for these issues and Sarah worked with me to help manage these symptoms through diet. Also, she sends good recipes that I would never in a million years think of making! But they are delightful and delicious.”

— Leslie G.

I got my life back!

“Sarah is a high-skilled, knowledgeable and completely professional nutrition therapist. I first saw her help my Type 1 diabetic sister recover from some pretty serious health concerns associated with her diabetes. Then my own health issues arose and her advice took me from being sick with two autoimmune diseases to giving me back my life. I will always be grateful for that. She is the best and I recommend her to everyone!”

— Julie B.

I have learned so much about nutrition, healing my body with food, and what supplements are best to further support optimum wellness.

“Working with Sarah has been so incredibly helpful and enjoyable! I have learned so much about nutrition, healing my body with food, and what supplements are best to further support optimum wellness.

Sarah’s recipes are amazing, and she has been an incredible resource for navigating the sea of “healthy” foods and supplements available to buy – understanding exactly which ones are actually good choices.

Sarah was always very patient and realistic, making recommendations and giving meal and snack suggestions that actually work within my lifestyle, time constraints, taste preferences, etc.”

— Susannah Hurd


I am feeling happy, healthy and back to myself … and then some!

“When I started working with Sarah I was suffering from a myriad of digestive issues, fatigue, and overall just not feeling “myself.” Sarah guided me through a completely new way of thinking about food based on the nourishment our bodies require to not only function but to thrive. I was happy to say farewell to my “low fat/fat free” mentality and haven’t looked back since. Sarah has given me amazing tools to take charge of my plate again. Thanks to her skillful knowledge I am feeling happy, healthy and back to myself … and then some!”

— Kate Kronisch

My cravings have shifted from sugary, processed foods to healthy and nutritious options that I have come to love.

“I have worked with a few different nutritionists and Sarah has, by far, had the greatest impact on helping me transform my relationship with food. With her guidance, my cravings have shifted from sugary, processed foods to healthy and nutritious options that I have come to love.

Previously, these types of changes left me feeling deprived, but Sarah helped me embrace these changes with her focus on how various foods affect my energy levels, hormone levels, and mood. Sarah gave me the tools I need to be an active participant in my own health and healing and I now make informed decisions about the food I eat. I have enjoyed working with her tremendously and I cannot recommend her enough!”

— Christy

Working with Sarah has completely changed the way I look at food

“Sarah has been great to work with! She has taught me so much about proper nutrition and has helped change the way I think about food. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable about health and nutrition science and always explains the reasoning behind her suggestions.

When she started me on the Elimination Diet, I did not think that it was something I would be able to do for 30+ days. It was because of her support and the ample resources that she provided (pamphlets, recipes, and cheat sheets) that I was able to stick to it and in the process I learned a lot about how different foods affect me and my body.

To this day, I try to take what I have learned to build a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle that works for me and my body. I would suggest her to anyone who is interested in living a healthier lifestyle or just wants to learn more about nutrition.

It is clear to see she practices what she preaches and genuinely cares about helping others!”

— Lisa B.

I now feel empowered in my own care and renewed in the process of seeking balance in my health situation.

“Sarah came recommended to me by my daughter-in-law, who had consulted Sarah regarding her nutrition in order to get pregnant. I was looking for a nutritionist who was familiar with the Paleo commitment to eating. Because of a diagnosed autoimmune disease and being postmenopausal, I wanted a review of my current nutrition and supplement practices.

I live in California and Sarah Jane’s business is located in Colorado but we have accomplished so much via email and telephone consultations. What encouraged me, as well, is that Sarah Jane worked efficiently and professionally with my doctor in California.

After a review of my present practices and blood work, we came up with a new plan. We are still in the process of determining what benefits my system the most but what I do appreciate about Sarah Jane is threefold: she listens and hears me; she is willing to collaborate; her knowledge is deep and wide.

Because of Sarah Jane’s approach, I feel empowered in my own care and renewed in the process of seeking balance in my health situation. I would unhesitantly recommend Sarah Jane as a resource for anyone searching for answers to their health problems.”

— Terry Quinlan


I have osteopenia, but I didn’t want to take drugs if I could help it. Sarah taught me about bone broth to improve my bone health– who knew that food could be so powerful!

“Sarah Jane is a so welcoming and positive. She listens to what my needs are, addressing every issue. I have osteopenia, but I didn’t want to take drugs if I could help it. Who knew that bone broth could be so powerful!

I used to make a green smoothie with 0% fat greek yogurt thinking I was giving my body a superfood; not realizing that without a “good” fat my body was not able to absorb the important fat soluble vitamins.

Being healthy has always been important to me and now with Sarah Jane’s wisdom I can give my body, bones and brain what they need to thrive! My 20 year old son also went to see Sarah Jane about how to gain weight. She gave him some great tools to work with. He now makes himself an awesome calorie and nutritionally dense smoothie. He is really excited! Thanks Sarah, for inspiring us to reach our full potential.”

— Maryjo Warren

Being back on track feels damn good.

“I wanted to share a little victory I had today after 3.5 weeks of doing The Fertility Code.

I lost a pregnancy a year ago today, at 14 weeks. My period took 9 weeks to return after last year’s loss and it was erratic, anywhere from 18-28 days, but the average was 23 days.

I got pregnant in February of this year, then miscarried a month ago.

I started The Fertility Code, read ahead quickly, and have been taking the supplements up through module 4 for the last 3+ weeks. I have also added wild caught salmon and pasteurized eggs back in to my diet (which I hadn’t eaten in 14 years), along with a lot more healthy fats like coconut, MCT oil, and avocados, in an effort to see if it would help balance my hormones along with the supplements.

I’m happy to say that exactly 28 days after my miscarriage, my first period has returned!

My sweets and carb/processed food cravings have improved as well, and I don’t feel as “snacky” in the afternoons like I used to.

It feels like a huge step in my recovery from this loss, having my body return to normal this quickly. Thanks Sarah! I’m not sure what the future will hold for our family, but for now, being back on track feels damn good.”

— Lucy H.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. It made such a difference!

“I am feeling really good. I am not yet where I want to be overall, but happy with my progress. I know I wasn’t supposed to weigh myself, but I did, and so far, I have exceeded my goal weight for Mexico (barely) which is great! I can’t believe how much I lost in January. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. It made such a difference! Thank you!!”

— Gena S.

Within 24 hours of starting the supplements and the food plan, my tension headaches were reduced by 80%.

“Oh my goodness – what a difference! Within 24 hours of starting the supplements and the food plan, my tension headaches were reduced by 80%. Now, as long as I stretch well after TaeBo, they are mostly GONE! This wasn’t even on my list of complaints because I didn’t think it had anything to do with my diet, but this has been the biggest celebration of this cleanse! My gut is also much better and I am sleeping better. Overall, I had no idea how bad I was, and I am finally feeling as energetic and healthy as I did before Marin was born.”

— Caroline M.

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