You are designed to feel happy, energized and amazing in your body.

Unfortunately many women don’t feel like the best version of themselves. Too many women suffer from PMS, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, weight gain, bloating, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and more. While these are all too common, they are NOT normal.

If any of the following sound familiar, I can definitely help.

  • You’re trying to get your hormones back on track. You’re tired of feeling, well… tired. And moody, bloated, anxious, depressed, foggy headed, sleep deprived, low libido, isolated and so darn out of whack?! I get it. Been there, done that. And it’s no fun. Let me help you figure out which hormones are out of whack and get you back to your amazing self.
  • You’ve already given birth and you need help supporting breastfeeding. Nobody told you it was going to this hard to produce enough milk to feed your ravenous, never quite satisfied, and oh yes… beautiful little baby. Ever heard of galactagogues?! It’s a substance that is known to promote lactation. These can be synthetic and made by pharmaceutical companies (not always awesome), but there is a number of FOODS that are known galactagogues as well. Now that’s awesome. I will teach you how to eat and live in a way that will optimize your breast milk quality and quantity and support you in the best way possible while nursing.
  • You’re trying to figure out when to introduce solids, and what the best first foods are for baby? Your pediatrician says to start with rice cereal and oatmeal, but you’ve heard that maybe that’s actually not the best idea… I will teach you what foods are REALLY best and my favorite tips and tricks for feeding babies.

Regardless of your current situation, my one-on-one sessions are a perfect solution for us to uncover what’s really going on, give you a chance to ask the questions you’ve been trying to figure out on your own, and finally feel more in control of your health, your life and your body.

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Research shows you have the power to shift your hormonal health with FOOD. Let me teach you how.

Hormones affect everything. They affect your fertility, your mood, energy levels, weight, and happiness.

  • Get rid of problem skin.
  • Easily maintain your ideal weight.
  • Eliminate foggy brain.
  • Increase sex drive.
  • Get rid of menstrual cramps, pain, clotting and PMS.
  • Stop breast tenderness.
  • Feel happy in your body and in front of the mirror.
  • Stop mood swings.
  • Fix hormone conditions like endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS and low progesterone.
  • Get rid of food cravings.
  • Have more energy during the day.
  • Sleep better at night.

How We Work Together

An Initial Hormone Health Assessment is where you will start. This is where I will learn about your health history, symptoms, lifestyle, dietary habits, labs, supplements, medications, and more to uncover the root causes of imbalance and figure out what we can do to improve the situation.

Step 1: Time To Get Started!

When you schedule the initial consultation, you will be asked to complete a new client intake form. These are vital in helping me fully understand your unique case. Be honest about where you’re at right now and then we can more accurately get you to where you want to be.

Step 2: Appointment time!

Depending on your appointment preference, we will either meet by phone, FaceTime or Skype. We start by going through the intake forms so that I can ask questions, and make sure I understand everything about your current and past health history, menstrual cycle health, your lifestyle, current food intake, digestion, energy levels, sleeping habits, stress level, and all medications, supplements and herbs you’re currently taking. I want to know what you’ve tried before, things that have worked for you and what hasn’t.

After I’ve done my background work and gathered the necessary information, I will share with you the initial steps that you can take right away to to start shifting things for the better. We will talk about food, lifestyle, environment, stress, movement and more.

I will recommend any additional laboratory tests that I think will be important to assess health biomarkers and give us more information about your unique situation.

There is no need for you to take detailed notes during the appointment. I will send you a recap of everything that we discuss as part of your customized treatment plan. I’d rather you just be present and take it all in.

Remember that this is a process. I am always willing to meet you where you’re at, so the more honest you are about what you’re ready and willing to do, or not do, the better you will sustain the changes we create together.

Step 3: Your customized plan!

After our initial consultation, I will email your customized treatment plan detailing the action steps we discussed. This will include what foods to eat, foods to avoid, lifestyle modifications to incorporate and factors to stay away from, how to meal plan, grocery shop and eat out at restaurants; and a personalized supplement protocol (via online portal which gives you access to practitioner-grade supplements). You will also have access to all my amazing recipes, meal ideas, snack ideas, shopping lists and more.

Read through it as many times as you need, print it out, hang it on the fridge, whatever will be most helpful for your success.

Step 4: Go time!

You’ll begin putting all those action steps into play and reaping the amazing benefits. I will ask you to keep a food journal during this time as a way to track not only your food intake, but how you’re feeling, your mood, your digestion, any challenges you’re struggling with and reflections on the process. No judgement here, just a really great way for you to keep tabs on your daily experiences and progress.

Step 5: Time for a check up!

Our first follow up consultation will be scheduled 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation.

Follow up consultations give us the opportunity to check in, troubleshoot areas you’re still struggling with, adjust what’s not working, talk about improvements & changes, and of course address any questions or concerns you have! This is also where we will go over any new lab work results and tweak your plan based on these. I will look over your food journal and provide targeted feedback about things that look awesome and areas that need improvement. We’ll review the supplements you’re taking and make sure no changes are necessary here. And lastly, I will provide any additional handouts or other necessary resources for your continued success and active participation.

Step 6: Ongoing support!

Ongoing follow up consultations from here are scheduled 1-2 times per month until we get you to a place where you feel BETTER than when we first met, the changes you’ve made now feel routine, your nagging symptoms are gone, and you feel comfortable and in control of your health journey. Soak it up, you put in a lot of energy to get yourself here!

Step 7: Keep it going!

Continued support from here is up to you – most clients prefer a check in at least every 6-8 weeks because even with our best intentions, life happens. Things shift. Change shows up. And all the hard work we’ve done to feel amazing starts to slip and a downward spiral can easily happen. This is where I come in. We regroup, figure out what’s not working, and create solutions to get you back on track and feeling good again in no time. Or maybe you don’t fall back into old patterns, and you just want an ongoing accountability support system to keep you moving forward. Follow up consults are great for that too.

Sarah Jane Sandy

Here’s how you benefit from our work together:

  • You know what you should eat!
  • You know how to meal plan.
  • You know how to save time in the kitchen.
  • You’re able to overcome food cravings and addictions.
  • You’re able to identify food sensitivities and trigger foods that don’t make you feel good.
  • You learn what you can substitute for your favorite, not-so-good-for-you comfort foods.
  • You know what to buy at the grocery store, and what to look for on ingredient labels.
  • You know what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and how to make sure you’re prepared for all your meals.
  • You know what snack options are good ones, and which ones will send your blood sugar flying and your energy crashing 2 hours later.
  • You know what should be in your pantry and fridge so you’re never again left saying “There’s nothing for me to eat!”
  • You discover simple and super delicious recipes and methods of food prep and cooking techniques to make your kitchen a place you actually like spending time in.

Changing Women’s Lives

I’ve worked with hundreds of women, helping them get pregnant and teaching them how to alleviate common modern hormone imbalances (such as PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, and amenorrhea).

They learn how to restore their innate fertility power. They discover how to eat and live in a way that profoundly nourishes not only their baby, but also their own body during pregnancy and post-birth. Ultimately they understand how to live in hormonal flow each and every day.

Now I would love to help YOU!

get pregnant, feel amazing in your body, and live a life you love.

Sarah Jane Sandy
I’m Sarah Jane Sandy, master nutrition therapist, women’s health expert and hormone imbalance survivor.
And I’ve helped thousands of women just like YOU!

Welcome to a space created to guide you and inspire you. Whether you’re trying to fix your hormonal chaos, get pregnant, grow a healthy baby, or ultimately just feel happy and content in your body, I’m so glad you’re here!