Low Libido
Wondering Where Your Sex Drive Went?
April 26, 2017
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May 10, 2017

5 Health Benefits of Orgasms for Women

5 Health Benefits of Orgasms for Women

5 Health Benefits of Orgasms for Women

Last week’s blog post – Wondering Where Your Sex Drive Went? – talked about a majorly important topic that needs to be discussed more openly and more often as many women struggle with low libido and a dwindling sex drive. Women’s health, and specifically women’s sex drive, is an essential part of our overall wellbeing.

I’m excited to build on this topic a bit more today … we’re going to talk about the health benefits that a woman experiences when she has regular orgasms. Because you know … orgasms aren’t just for pleasure. Also, for the record, you get the same benefits from a partner orgasm as you do from a solo orgasm, so don’t think that you can’t take matters into your own hands ;).

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Regulates Your Menstrual Cycle

An orgasm sends blood to the organs in the pelvic area, increasing circulation and delivering all kinds of healthy nutrients which help to regulate your menstrual cycle. A 2007 Planned Parenthood report showed that several studies have linked regular orgasms – once or twice a non-menstruating week – to more regular periods, along with relief from menstrual cramps.

Helps You Sleep

Orgasms induce a deep relaxation by boosting endorphin levels, like oxytocin, and flushing cortisol – the stress hormone – out of the body. Oxytocin’s ability to reduce our cortisol levels creates an overall feeling of relaxation and sleepiness. Vasopressin, another chemical associated with sleep, is also released during orgasm. A recent study of 1,866 women reported that 32% of them said they masturbate in order to facilitate falling asleep!

Boosts Your Immune System

Research has shown that achieving an orgasm boosts your immune system. A 1999 study of college students showed that those who had sex once or twice a week had immunoglobulin levels 30% higher than those who were abstinent. Further research has shown that regular orgasms boost infection-fighting cells up to 20%.

Regular orgasms provide an overall lymphatic massage, helping your body’s natural detoxification process to improve digestion and mood and help prevent cancer.

Stress Relief

When you orgasm, your hypothalamus releases your happy hormones – oxytocin – into your bloodstream. Oxytocin is known to relieve tension, stimulate feelings of warmth and relaxation, and has been linked to passion and intuition. Orgasms can put you into a deep state of relaxation and even sedation, making it easier to sleep and chill out after a stressful day. And those sky-high endorphin levels flush cortisol out of the body, which is key for feeling good.

Increases Fertility Health

Orgasms energize your hypothalamus gland, which regulates appetite, body temperature, emotions, and the pituitary gland, which in turn regulates the release of reproductive hormones that induce ovulation and cervical fluid. For those trying to start a family, timing can play a crucial role – a recent report found that women who have orgasms during sex, but after their male partners orgasm, retained more sperm than those who never hit the big O or hit it before their partner. Researchers say it likely has to do with the release of oxytocin that happens with an orgasm. Orgasms can also help create a healthy pregnancy overall, and has been proven to help more women carry to term.

In a Nutshell

1. Orgasms aren’t just for pleasure! There are many health benefits that go along with them.
2. You don’t need a partner to benefit from an orgasm, get comfortable going at it solo. But it’s best to stay away from vibrators.
3. From increased circulation to your lady bits to helping battle insomnia, regular orgasms are essential to your overall wellbeing.

Let’s Talk!

I’d love to use this space as a forum of sorts, providing inspiration and community among my readers, so … I want to hear from you!

Do you notice any other specific benefits from attaining regular orgasms?

Have you ever used masturbation in order to facilitate sleep?

Spread some Orgasm lovin’! Sharing is caring, and I bet you have some friends who would love to read this too :).

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